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Sabah - Headless e-commerce with a lot of heart

UX / UI Design , Design , Frontend Development , Backend Development

Developing a new E-commerce Experience

Sabah is a unique shoe and lifestyle brand based in New York City. We partnered with them to translate their intimate in-store customer experience and love for craftsmanship into a modern digital brand - building an e-commerce destination tailored around storytelling.
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We started developing a strategic foundation over the course of a series of work sessions -collaborating directly with the internal team and the company’s founder.

Immersing ourselves in each aspect of the company we learned as much as we could, from how the leather is being produced to the history of the brand. From there, we developed a streamlined user experience, and a new strong and personal visual language.

The highly customizable front end offers huge freedom in creating different components and combining them in every possible way. Those capabilities were well appreciated by the internal design team of Sabah giving them endless possibilities to transform and grow the brand over time.

Thomas Lichtblau emoji Thomas Lichtblau Managing Partner & Head of Design
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The result is a modern approach to headless e-commerce, allowing for a seamless customer journey from social media platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest into Sabah’s digital property, always focusing on personality and humanity along the way. Simple and effective, resulting in a 100% increase in sales within the first year.

Design Lead
Thomas Lichtblau , Matthias Mentasti
Tech Lead
Thomas Ragger , Oskar Wild
Guillermo Seis
Project Management
Suzana Orsolic
Edoardo Lunardi , Max Uhlig