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Accor Hotels – The Biometric Travel Agent

Accor Hotels
Concept , Creative Direction , Design , Technical Strategy , Frontend Development , Backend Development
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Seeking the Future of Travel

Imagine your travel agent could read your mind. Imagine your next holiday could be booked, simply by imagination...

Accor Hotels originally created the Seeker Project to do just that, immersing guests in a sensory experience and suggesting holiday destinations using biometric responses to stimuli. (It was so futuristic that even Elon Musk’s mum tried it out!)

This new world with sensual experiences could be explored on selected locations in the United States and allowed Accor Hotels to target a specific number of people who had the chance to be part of those unique events. But what about all the other potential Accor Hotels guests? This was our task.

So we set about translating that physical experience into digital one. Rather than using wearable monitors, users’ heart rates are measured via contrast changes in their skin on webcam. They then complete a series of binary tests, fed into our own model to turn those responses into three suggested Accorhotel destinations.

We ended up creating a range of fluid animations and interactive assets to keep the design as intuitive as possible, retaining the blissed out Sci-Fi vibe of the original project.

The challenge here was to both efficiently explain this unusual project to users, and guide them through the testing ground as intuitively as possible. We made sure that a handsome, bespoke, and shareable personalized graphic was the result at the end of the experience too.

Working on this project was as much fun as the actual result, as it involved a lot of experimenting and exploring.

Thomas Lichtblau emoji Thomas Lichtblau Managing Partner & Head of Design
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Note for the critical minds: Even if you’re sure that you know what you want, you should give the test a try - because we (or, our algorithm) might know even better. Inspiration for your next trip and some interesting insights into your personality are included. 

You probably have used or heard of this little app to find your perfect partner online, so why not swipe right to find your perfect holiday destination. 

Design Leads
Matthias Mentasti , Thomas Lichtblau
Tech Leads
Moriz Büsing , Thomas Ragger
Project Managment
Suzana Orsolic
Manuel Haring
Stefan Kernjak
Video Production