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Feinkoch – The Search-Based Future Of Cooking

Concept , Creative Direction , Content Strategy , Design , Technical Strategy , Information Architecture , Development , Illustrations
1 x CCA - Bronze

Rethinking Recipe Design

Feinkoch are dedicated to teaching us about food. They’re a culinary photography studio, a kitchen giving cooking classes, and a place where new recipes are constantly being dreamt up.

Feinkoch came to us in need of a site that could quickly and smoothly guide users through their recipe catalogue.

Awesome food photography was always going to be at the heart of this website. Thus, rather than guiding its look, our task was to make this site an instinctive user experience, guiding users between all of the startup’s beautifully presented recipes.

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Our solution was to make a tag-based search system the core function of the Feinkoch site. Users can get to the recipes they want by filtering using all sorts of keywords – by ingredient, by cuisine, by speed, or by difficulty.

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    More than 170 recipes to discover
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    From super-simple, easy, medium to advanced
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    Date night recipes included

Together with HFA we created playful illustrations that were used throughout the site, such as for the magazine or the newsletter sign up. Our goal was to produce an assortment of little artworks that covered a broad spectrum of food related things, e.g. spices, drinks, various cuisines. 

With wild we've found an agency that not only understands aesthetics and design, but also innovative, digital solutions with a positive user experience. The collaboration from start to end was impeccable.

Simon Jacko Founder & CEO at Feinkoch

We also paid hours of attention to fine-tuning those details, matching the colours of our tags to the ingredients and creating both a simple ingredients calculator and checklist for Feinkoch’s recipes. The final outcome helps users to get started cooking, and get creative with their food.

Design Leads
Matthias Mentasti , Thomas Lichtblau
Tech Leads
Thomas Ragger , Moriz Büsing
Project Managment
Melissa Graf
Manuel Haring