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In-Vision - A Future Built On Light

Concept , Creative Direction , Design , Development , Motion Design , 3D Visualisation

Lighting the future with In-Vision

In-Vision is at the forefront of tech, specializing in light engines for 3D printers and lenses. 55% of all movie theatre projectors worldwide use invision technology.

This world-leading manufacturer contacted wild to help create a new company website. They wanted to be sure to use a fresh set of branding materials to get across In-Vision’s company persona, as well as some bespoke CGI visuals to show off their flagship products.

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80% of this innovative firm's revenue is based on products less than two years old, so creating a forward-facing look and feel for the site was paramount.

We opted for a layout emphasising clarity; a simple grid combined with those mysterious-feeling 3D renderings of In-Vision’s groundbreaking tech.

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    Emphasis on Products
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    Custom-made 3D Renderings
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    Flexible Modular Components

We worked with a CGI artist, rendering impressive videos of light engine and projection lens technology. The final web design makes In-Vision’s striking technology the hero of the website, and the star of their company story.

Wild took a convincing lead in the project from the beginning and guided us all the way to a remarkably reduced, aesthetic and highly functional online appearance.

Michael Steiner Chief Financial Officer at In-Vision

Throughout the project we got to discover all the small details of their extremely high-tech products. In the end, we delivered a company website that visualizes their products, services and values in a striking way and presents In-Vision as the world-leading tech manufacturer that they are. 

Design Leads
Thomas Lichtblau , Matthias Mentasti
Tech Leads
Thomas Ragger , Moriz Büsing
Project Managment
Melissa Graf
Guillermo Seis
Francis De Clercq , Stefan Kernjak
3D Artist