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In-Vision - A Future Built On Light

Concept, Creative Direction, Design, Development, Motion Design, 3D Visualisation

Lighting the future with In-Vision

In-Vision is at the forefront of tech, specializing in light engines for 3D printers and lenses. 55% of all movie theatre projectors worldwide use invision technology.

This world-leading manufacturer contacted wild to help create a new company website. They wanted to be sure to use a fresh set of branding materials to get across In-Vision’s company persona, as well as some bespoke CGI visuals to show off their flagship products.

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80% of this innovative firm's revenue is based on products less than two years old, so creating a forward-facing look and feel for the site was paramount.

We opted for a layout emphasising clarity; a simple grid combined with those mysterious-feeling 3D renderings of In-Vision’s groundbreaking tech.

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    Emphasis on Products
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    Custom-made 3D Renderings
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    Flexible Modular Components

We worked with a CGI artist, rendering impressive videos of light engine and projection lens technology. The final web design makes In-Vision’s striking technology the hero of the website, and the star of their company story.

Wild took a convincing lead in the project from the beginning and guided us all the way to a remarkably reduced, aesthetic and highly functional online appearance.

Michael Steiner Chief Financial Officer at In-Vision

Throughout the project we got to discover all the small details of their extremely high-tech products. In the end, we delivered a company website that visualizes their products, services and values in a striking way and presents In-Vision as the world-leading tech manufacturer that they are. 

Design Leads
Thomas Lichtblau, Matthias Mentasti
Tech Leads
Thomas Ragger, Moriz Büsing
Project Managment
Melissa Graf
Guillermo Seis
Francis De Clercq, Stefan Kernjak
3D Artist