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Nutrafol - Solving hair health from within

Art Direction , Branding , UX / UI Design , Visual Design

Solving hair health from within

Nutrafol pioneered the science of hair wellness and is the first to address thinning hair through whole-body wellness. We worked to bring their new brand to life in a fully-optimized digital experience, focusing on a scalable design system with a unique voice that allows the brand to adapt quickly and function across a wide range of touch points.

While being greatly optimised for shoppability, Nutrafol’s previous e-commerce experience wasn’t adequately engaging and supporting their users through customer experience and storytelling. Our goal for this project was to develop the brand story, create key content drivers and position them as a premium brand in their segment.

We collaborated with Nutrafol and Squared circles to identify the brands core beliefs and purpose - an important foundation for the creative development and the creation of a brand platform. Wild developed a thoughtful digital brand and component system — developing a unique and scalable visual identity that works for their womens brand and also for the freshly introduced and science focussed mens brand. 1 system, 2 looks.

We established a collaborative process engaging with Nutrafol’s internal design and engineering teams providing them with our expandable component based design system. Introducing them to our powerful Figma based workflow greatly reduced the time required from design to production.

For complex and animation heavy front-end tasks, we also helped out their internal development team and seamlessly integrated our work into their framework.

We provided Nutrafol with ongoing support in the development of the complete brand platform, ranging from classic UX design over visual design, development of illustrations, amazon storefront optimisation and lifestyle + ingredient photography.

Just wanted to express my extreme gratitude for all your support and spot on work to date! The branding, your vision, hard work and attention to detail! Sky is the limit! Looking froward to more and more impact! Thank you so much for everything!

Giorgos Tsetis CEO

We developed the digital design across a variety of touch points, from their e-commerce destination to Amazon storefront pages ensuring that we guide users through the full purchase consideration and e-commerce experience.

Unilever acquire a majority stake in Nutrafol in March, 2022. We’re happy that we were part of this journey. Congrats to the whole team!

Project Lead
Thomas Lichtblau
Project Management
Jennifer Bruckberger
Lead Designer
Yuri Levin
Monde Marafane , Eva Landaluce
Nutrafol Internal