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Alzheimer’s Association – Demystifying Alzheimer’s Through Storytelling

Alzheimer Association
Concept , Creative Direction , Design , Technical Strategy , Backend Development , Frontend Development

Demystifying Alzheimer’s

The Alzheimer's Association supports the 5.8 million people in America living with Alzheimer’s, and continually advances research into dealing with the disease.

Collaborating with Oscar-nominated animator Bastien Dubois, wild worked closely with the Alzheimer’s Association to help realize a uniquely immersive web story experience about the disease. Its aim? To raise awareness and teach about disease prevention with real-life accounts from Alzheimer’s sufferers and their loved ones.

The site is poised to emphasise how helpful early diagnosis can be, taken forward by Dubois’ animations visualising audio interviews conducted with Alzheimer’s sufferers. Wild’s role was to structure and craft it into a vivid online experience with a distinct aesthetic, propelled through a 3D-modelled fly-through-effect utilising WebGL.

The entire site was built with accessibility and standards in mind. We included an effects toggle for example, switching visual effects on and off for people with epilepsy or similar, plus a text-based “accessible mode” especially for people with disabilities.

Moriz Büsing emoji Moriz Büsing Tech Director

Besides wishing to tell a difficult and vital story in a way that’s both visually compelling and universally accessible, Our Stories has a unique call-to-action – it tries to get users to start those difficult conversations with any friends or loved ones displaying symptoms or early warning signs of Alzheimer’s.

Guiding users through an innovative 3D space populated with Dubois’ drawings, Our Stories aims to use real-life Alzheimer’s stories to get users talking about the disease – and hopefully make a few more of those all-important early diagnoses along the way.

Design Leads
Thomas Lichtblau , Matthias Mentasti
Tech Leads
Thomas Ragger , Moriz Büsing
Project Managment
Suzana Orsolic
Tobias Sutterlüty
Stefan Kernjak , Stefan Göllner , Marie Dvorzak , Wout Vandesompele , Ulrich Formann
UX & User Testing Consultant
Raphael Loder
Paul Aaron
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