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New Office!

Only 700m away from our previous location, we moved into our new office located in Zieglergasse 65 in the 7th district of Vienna. Together with AANDRS, one of our partners, we share 410m² and a lush green courtyard.  

This time we wanted to get some professionals on board that would help us plan our new office space. We collaborated with the Interior Design Studio Breaded Escalope and our Carpenter Jaqueline Pehak and gave them the task to create as many useful interior fittings as possible by focusing on using ordinary building materials from the hardware store. This lead to us having a bright orange sewer pipe as table support or corrugated metal as a wall cladding in the kitchen. We also created a modular and flexible seating layout, modular elements for our wall hangers and roller containers / seats. Focussing on usability and a component based and easy customised office design, mirrors our way of working.

One of the first things that strikes you when entering the office are the hanging gardens, filled with over 70 plants. In the first floor we used yellow butcher curtains as room dividers that give you a sense of privacy but still let the whole space breathe. Since the room division is quite open, we wanted to create two booths where one could retreat for a quick phone call alone or in pairs. 

Work life has changed a lot since relocating to a 410m² space. Perks include having finally enough space for a foosball table and a fridge dedicated solely for drinks. The courtyard in between both building allows more relaxed cigarette or ice cream breaks or barbecues and open air movie nights in the near future. 🤞🏼