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Keego –\_The Birth Of A Product

Concept , Art Direction , Design , Development , 3D Visualisation

Birth Of A Product

It’s a key problem facing all the woke folk who like to keep fit – where can I find a sports bottle that doesn’t use any plastic? And I want something that’s still light, durable, and squeezable too while we’re at it... Well this is where Keego’s inspiration came from. It’s a groundbreaking new type of squeezable sports bottle – only it’s made using a squeezable and lightweight type of titanium!

Before Keego could launch, they needed a killer online presence to drive users to their Kickstarter campaign. Working with us from the beginning, Keego created their branding around an aesthetic as smooth and ergonomic as the product, guiding the look and feel of its crisp and clear one-page home.

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Poised to drive users to the Kickstarter campaign, the minimal site powerfully shows off the promise of this Keego’s pioneering product.

It shows in the performance of the site too, with Keego’s Kickstarter ultimately exceeded its goal amount by some 860%, receiving hundreds of thousands of Euros from thousands of enthusiastic pledgers.

The guys at wild really lived the startup spirit and did everything they could within the very restricted budget to build an innovative, functional and elegant landing page - matching the KEEGO brand and product.

Lukas Angst Founder & CEO Keego

While the site certainly boasts some flair – notably an interactive squeezable 3D rendering of the bottle we especially commissioned for the project – we largely left it to the product to tell its story. Our key focus was on driving traffic to Keego’s Kickstarter campaign, and crafting a simple and classic experience that succeeds across desktop, mobile, and tablet. 

Their feedback and designs were crucial for the development of KEEGO. I’m very happy for having worked with them and hope we can do it again in the future.

Lukas Angst Founder & CEO Keego

Several calls-to-action punctuate the site at smartly chosen locations, maximizing user conversions without being imposing. The success of Keego’s Kickstarter suggests we managed to really hit that sweet spot between pushing users towards signing up and simply presenting an innovative product we believe in to speak for itself.

Design Leads
Matthias Mentasti , Thomas Lichtblau
Tech Leads
Thomas Ragger , Moriz Büsing
Veerle Davos
3D Artist