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Erste Bank – A Digital Journey Through Time

Erste Bank
Concept , Information Architecture , Art Direction , Design , Technical Strategy , Development
1 x CCA - Gold

A Digital Trip Through The History Of Austria’s Biggest Bank

Erste Bank is one of the largest financial service providers in Central and Eastern Europe - and they asked wild to help tell their story.

Celebrating 200 years since starting out as Austria’s first savings bank, Erste Bank wanted us to build a microsite for them, with the ultimate aim of being integrated directly into their pre-existing online banking environment.

The microsite follows Marie Schwarz, Erste Bank's first ever customer, through the bank's history and highlights six defining milestones.

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We collaborated with Erste Bank on a six-chapter, multimedia trip through their long story. Told via milestones in Austria’s own history, we illuminated the story of the bank using heaps of striking images and historical photography – not to mention a variety of bespoke interactive content.

Powerfull transitions to walk through time

Integrating the microsite into Erste Bank’s own online environment was a technical hurdle with its own unique bugs to troubleshoot. We still ensured the site’s ease-of-use for a broad customer base though, and met the client’s technical requirements. 

Since some Erste Bank branches showed different variations of the content and some even included their own milestones into the storyline, we needed to create a custom CMS in order to integrate our microsite into Erste Bank's existing online platform.

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A consistent and fruitful dialogue with Erste Bank every step of the way, plus the efficiency and vision of our creative team, made sure the content was prepared speedily. All imagery was tastefully positioned and brought to life with interactive elements, maximizing the effect of the campaign’s core messaging.

Creative Direction
Matthias Mentasti , Thomas Lichtblau
Tech Direction
Thomas Ragger , Moriz Büsing
Project Managment
Melissa Graf
Stefan Göllner , Stefan Kernjak , Francis De Clercq
Guillermo Seis
Concept, Content und Creative Direction
Advertising Agency
Jung von Matt / Donau
Music & Sound Design
Fifth Music, Blautöne, Universal Music Austria
Video Production