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Oculus Quest Day – A microsite filled with giveaways

Design , Development , Visual Design , UX / UI Design , Technical Strategy , Frontend Development
1 x CCA - Bronze

For the Holiday season, we collaborated with Deeplocal and Meta to introduce QUEST DAY. A totally made-up holiday just for the VR-hungry community. A day full of fun and whimsy with drops, inventions, and giveaways for all to love and enjoy. Did we mention free drops?

Given a tight timeline of 4 weeks from concept to launch, Design, Production, and Development overlapped. This required us to commit to a high degree of collaboration, at one point even adapting the campaign website in real-time.

Avoiding malicious actors (bots), while receiving an enormous amount of traffic required precise synching between our custom front end and the seamlessly integrated Shopify store. We strategically implemented a pre-launch phase with 8 drops released every 30 minutes to generate anticipation.

All of which led to some impressive results:

  • 00
    5M+ people visited launch day
  • 01
    30 Seconds average sellout time for a drop
  • 02
    5000 people tried to check out with one of our free drops simultaneously
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Project Lead
Thomas Ragger
Project Management
Tony McNeil
Design Lead
Matthias Mentasti , Thomas Lichtblau
Simone Glück
Development Lead
Lorenzo Migliorero
Oskar Wild
Advertising Agency