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H&M x Role Models - recognising the power of young kids

Concept , Design , UX / UI Design , UX Strategy

A campaign website for H&M x Role Models

We partnered with Alto to launch H&M’s first-ever global campaign to align with their brand purpose of progress. A platform that looks to youth to help us all progress toward a better tomorrow. The campaign goal was to develop innovative and meaningful production collaborations with Role Models - the kids of today making positive changes in the world.

We worked closely with the campaign branding team to bring this vision to the web. Celebrating the playfulness of childhood, and integrating the campaign artistry and film within the context of an editorial platform. The result is a digital campaign that is kid-friendly and engaging, while also compelling parents to participate. Amplifying untold stories and encouraging meaningful conversation.

An interactive chatbot created a simple and playful way to encourage parents and children to nominate a child as a role model while the campaign gallery became a showcase for all participating kids.

The strong strategic foundation developed by Alto was key in developing a lasting digital platform. It was exciting bringing this campaign to life through translating the offline campaign into digital storytelling.

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Hand drawn murals in the city of Vienna. Made by concrete.
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