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IKEA - Helping the Family Cömmunity

UX / UI Design , UX Strategy , Development , Design , 3D Visualisation

Moving on to a better life together

We collaborated with MRM Spain and IKEA to develop a campaign that highlights the importance of local communities and how helping each other can make our lives better.

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To demonstrate this we created 4 fun, interactive 3D mini-games that showcased the impact small acts of kindness can have on individuals, families, and entire communities. Using Spline allowed us to build a custom development pipeline streamlining the process from ideation over 3D Design to deploying interactive scenes using WebGL.

We are really excited about the results this campaign was able to deliver. We surpassed our initial goal of user engagement and sign up's within only 18h from lauch.

Betsy Rios Merlos Account Supervisor at MRM
Design Lead
Thomas Lichtblau
Digital Project Management Lead
Thomas Ragger
Eva Landaluce
Project Management
Theresa Seewald
Advertising Agency
Miguel Rey , Moriz Büsing
3D Illustrations