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Getting Active with Print

Back in 2017, one of Austria’s most popular newspapers, Die Presse, started up a sports magazine with a difference. Enter 110%: a magazine with a fresh look and unique feel, focusing on capturing the style, look, and feel of the Austrian sporting world.

110% inhabits a visually striking centre ground between lifestyle and sport magazine, yearning for its content to be presented in a modern way.

However you do it, creating a print magazine brand from scratch in the 21st century requires something different; something that reaches out beyond the printed page.

In collaboration with us, 110% decided to augment every one of their visually-led cover stories with a unique web version, summarizing the print text and photography while adding uniquely digital video and visual elements.

Each cover story was created on-location – out in the woods of Styria, in the Alpine mountains, even marathon running through Vienna – and in a notably spontaneous and freeform creation process.

A digital consultant from us, along with 110%'s copywriters and photographers, travelled out into the field together, formulating the story’s look and feel on the spot.

We focused on building a modular and dynamic framework that gets better from issue to issue without sacrificing aesthetics or diversity. Since working fast & efficiency were such an important part, we adjusted our workflow to make it possible to build a site in under 6 days, shoot included.

Thomas Lichtblau emoji Thomas Lichtblau Managing Partner & Head of Design

The post-production process of developing the online experience however, was designed to be as efficient as possible, bringing the amount of time required to build each site down to our target of some 48 hours.

Please accept to watch the video or open the video in a new tab.

An airy and spacious modular design for the web experience was established, distributing attention between visual content and pull quotes from the article.

The effect creates a rich scrolling story for readers to get a taster of 110% idiosyncratic mood, while comprising relatively little input from the designer on each occasion following establishment of the look and feel for each site. 

It was a sustainable and easy-to-repeat solution, with the added advantage of allowing ad content – such as links to online clothing stores and other sponsors – to be integrated seamlessly into the story. Products are showcased throughout the story’s visual side, users being calmly directed towards the opportunity to purchase.

This multimedia collaboration brings together many of our  passions, comprising both an experimental collaborative approach to presenting content only possible in the modern era, and an efficient methodology to streamline the process of repeated creation. What’s more, it all enabled advertising that all-important business-side of the creative product – to assimilate right inside the story in a way that’s both user-friendly and fits the aesthetic.

Design Lead
Thomas Lichtblau , Matthias Mentasti
Tech Lead
Thomas Ragger , Moriz Büsing
Project Managment
Melissa Graf
Max Hermetter
Philipp Forstner , Philipp Forstner
Video Production
Project Management
Creative Direction