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Red Bull – Building A Platform For Mind Gamers

Red Bull
Concept , Creative Direction , Design , Development , Social Media

Bringing Mind Gamers Together

With the creation of Mind Gamers, Red Bull wanted to make their mark on the e-sports market by building a global online hub for mind-challenging games and puzzles.

Our concept envisioned a website where users are able to discover and play these puzzling digital games, built in collaboration with MIT, and aiming to challenge our minds and test our mental skills.

It also serves as a slick online presence for Red Bull’s own live problem-solving tournaments: their Escape Room World Championships and Rubik’s Cube World Cup.

Creating a site that plays to the strengths of the globally recognizable Red Bull brand – while also prioritizing usability and clarity for its users – was central to the brief. So its core look fits in with Red Bull’s global colour scheme and grid layout, tweaked however to give Mind Gamers it own distinct persona within the vast range of Red Bull’s online projects.

Ongoing monthly challenges, two Escape Room and Rubik's Cubes World Championships wouldn't be possible without an interactive well-designed platform that holds everything together.

Martin Tuka Head of Technology at Playful Solutions GmbH
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Adaptable Design System

We developed a fully fleshed-out design system with modular components that got handed over to the Red Bull Design Team, making it easy for them to fully independently build additional pages, events & features. Over the years, the design system grew with every new component and was held up to date by our design system master.

The feel of the site also tries to emphasise these mental challenges, framing Mind Gamers like sports stars, and encouraging users to put their own minds to the test. An ongoing series of handsomely-presented articles on the site augment and explain the experience too, going deep into the world of mind gaming that the site is bringing together.

Design Leads
Thomas Lichtblau , Matthias Mentasti
Tech Leads
Thomas Ragger , Moriz Büsing
Project Managment
Melissa Graf
Tobias Sutterlüty
Marton Langa , Francis De Clercq
Gamer Designs
Various Game Designers
Playful Solutions