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Chobani Foodservice – Transforming A Food Industry Giant

Chobani Foodservice
Concept , Creative Direction , Branding , Design , Frontend Development , Backend Development

Transforming Online Food Business

Dreamed up as part of a company-wide process of digital transformation and rebranding, Chobani Foodservice is a new type of B2B website for America’s best selling Greek yogurt brand. The site aims to get chefs and business owners interested in Chobani’s yogurt by serving them up a uniquely well-branded business-to-business experience.

In addition to road-testing rebranding concepts, they wanted to find ways to improve Foodservice’s impact on its target audience of decision-makers in the food industry. We opted to do so by integrating the kind of UX and design acumen normally reserved solely for customer-facing content. This also meant building a site that puts mobile first, maximizing the effect of its impactful visuals even on a smaller screen.

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Making a site a “culinary destination”, requires more than just nice food photography. We became a key partner in this long-term rebranding project, collaborating closely with Chobani and providing input and design expertise throughout the process.

We had to come up with a refreshed approach to presenting recipes and food inspiration online, so we decided to focus on creative entry points to accommodate a variety of user goals.

The online tool we ultimately built suggests recipes according to the time-of-day and difficulty of preparation, while nonetheless leaving plenty of space free for Chobani’s vibrant and colorful visual content. This serves users both that instant eye-popping ‘food hit’ and easy access to that all-important word content.

One requirement was to illustrate Chobani's large selection of products that they offer to their B2B customers. Hence, we built a smooth slider that seamlessly navigates you through all their product families - from large multiserve products till smaller single serve items. 

Design Lead
Thomas Lichtblau , Matthias Mentasti
Tech Lead
Thomas Ragger , Moriz Büsing
Project Managment
Melissa Graf
Francis De Clercq
Guillermo Seis