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Our clients not only like us because we can put some fancy award logos on our website, but also because we can do funny talks, like this one at One Day Out or this at KIKK festival.


Konterball is a VR Chrome Experiment – we were invited by the Google Creative Lab in New York to create a ping pong game which can be played in one player mode or with a friend in realtime over the web. It was developed in order to showcase the latest Chrome browser which natively supports WebVR. You can play Konterball with a regular laptop, smartphone, Google Cardboard or Daydream, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

Concept, UI, UX, Design, Development


Eskapismus lets you join a mountain hike onto the Austrian Dachstein, responding to the growing tendency to escape your own daily routine. We developed a modular framework that allows the client to really let its story come alive through interactive video and audio content. The framework can be reused, extended and adapted for future issues.

Concept, UI, UX, Design, Development


Do you dare take a look in the mirror, a ride through today’s living hell? Falters Inferno is an immersive journey through the 8 layers of hell, for mobile and desktop devices. The interactive microsite was created for Falter, a newspaper located in Vienna, Austria.

It received 122.297 unique visitors without any sort of promotion.

Digital ConceptDesignUIUXDevelopment

Johos Coffee

In October 2014 the coffee roaster J. Hornig presented its new coffee brand named JOHO. The speciality of this coffee: it is bought directly from the farmers, no middlemen involved. To make the product tangible we developed a microsite to give the user the possibility to find out more about this direct trade relationship. Using an interactive map you can explore Brazil and its coffee fincas on your own. In addition, interviews with local farmers and J. Hornig as the roaster himself available. The interactive brand experience translates the focus of the brand directly: We don’t write about the farmers and production areas. We show them, which leads to a higher brand credibility. In a nutshell: a lot of beautiful coffee shots that make you want to move to Brazil and become a coffee farmer.

After launching the website Horning received a 300% sales increase.


Playing Lynch

In order to raise support for the David Lynch Foundation, a non profit organization that supports consciousness-based education, the legendary John Malkovich reenacted the most famous characters of David Lynch movies. Several artists also made a contribution to the project by producing an album together with songs matching each scene. We created the microsite and shop based on the squarespace system and depicted the iconic characters in a carousel, allowing the user to „dive into“ each experience. And if you ever wanted to see John Malkovich wear a lot of make up, this is the place. Seriously, it’s A LOT.



Sherpa is an app that turns your Instagram feed into a travel guide. It enables you to explore new travel destinations by looking at the world through the lens of other fellow travelers. Even if you’re not that into traveling (there might be something wrong with you) it’s almost impossible to scroll through the App without getting a major case of wanderlust.

Over 1k Beta Tester signed up within the first week.



When Austrian coffee brand J. Hornig relaunched its brand, we were tasked to update the website and E-Commerce platform. We developed an integrated content structure, where we would mix blog articles, products from the shop and knowledge articles to create a seamless experience. As a result, sales increased by over 400% within the first year. The shop we developed using WooCommerce was so popular, its been featured on the WooThemes homepage since its release in 2015.


Bundy Bundy

We’ve create this corporate website for the Vienna based hairdresser dynasty Bundy Bundy. The focus was on a modern look in combination with self produced video content and smooth transitions and animations. Now you know how we get our hair so nice and shiny.


Red Bull Mindgamers

Red Bull Mindgamers is a platform where users can compete against each other or just simply challenge their mind by playing games with a focus on creativity, logic, memory and other areas. And nope, you don’t have to be a total game geek in order to play & enjoy.



Murge is a rap battle app for iOS and Android. Users are able to battle among each other through direct „murges“ and open rap battles. We developed a vibrant brand identity and the overall design of the app. Inspiration was drawn from 90’s hip hop vibes, combined with modern elements and carefully sprinkled emojis. The App is currently in development.


S7 Airlines

Sometimes, your abstract dream destination might just be around the corner. Or, if your not so lucky, on another continent only reachable by plane. As part of their 'Fly to any place you can imagine' campaign the Russian Airline S7 shows users where they can find their dream destination by analyzing their answers and showing actual real places in the world. The microsite is no longer online but go watch the case video - it includes some pretty cute Russian kids talking about their dreams.

Over 15k people submitted their dreams through VK.


Send a Message

We’re not a bunch of robots, so naturally, we love compliments. That’s why we made the microsite “” that allows you to show your friends and acquaintances how you feel about them through hand gestures. Rascals can also send not-so-nice gestures, but who does that – right?

Received 530k unique visitors and over 26k Facebook likes.


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S7 Airlines

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