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Which One Am I Now – A Side Project To Recycle Ideas

Art Direction , Photography , Concept , Copywriting
1 x CCA - Bronze

A Side Project To Recycle Ideas

Faced with a wealth of unused copy from a rebranding project we did here at wild, we decided to conceive something new. WHICH ONE AM I NOW? was a side project, demonstrating how closing one door invariably opens another.

Thus, WHICH ONE AM I NOW? essentially tells the story of its own conception.

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While assembling the words originally written by copywriter Hieronymus Kloss, we got photographer David Avazzadeh on board to provide visual support and lend it a new lease on life. A theme began emerging from the loosely collected thoughts and images: mankind’s ability to create and the struggle that comes with it. Manifest in the notion itself is fact that every creation is in some sense a way of destruction, and vice versa, much like the production of the zine itself.

This was also when the idea of creating a printed magazine came into view. We wanted to present our creative in a new way – the old way. Not digital, but analogue.

We initially distributed the magazine for free via an online form, or via Instagram, sending it out to anybody who DM’d us asking for a copy. The print zine was also placed in many of our favourite museums, galleries, coffee shops and elsewhere around Vienna.

Design & Initiator
Thomas Lichtblau