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Samsung – Building A Mobile-First Interactive Video

Concept , Creative Direction , Content Strategy , Design , Development
1 x Awwwards Site of the Day
1 x CSS Design Award - Site of the Day
1 x CCA - Bronze

On The Run With Samsung

To promote their newest line of products, Samsung wanted to put a spin on a video campaign that put mobile well and truly first.

Luckily, wild got on board with the project before the video shoot with Austria’s greatest living skier: Marcel Hirscher. Having speedily built our concept, this importantly meant we could make sure it was shot in a format usable with both portrait mobile and standard desktop-sized screens.

In six short weeks, we built a concept, advised on a video shoot, and crafted an energetic website to match the fiery feel of this campaign for a global brand – and more importantly one starring a living Austrian legend!

The design highlights Samsung’s products with an agile and intuitive system for scrubbing through the video, following Marcel Hirscher on an action packed urban chase. As the video progresses, users can reveal detailed info pages about the products.

Though built chiefly with mobile in mind, we went the extra mile to ensure the site remains just as engaging an audiovisual experience on desktop. 

Expecting an audience sourced from social media, we built the site to be a seamless jump from platforms such as Instagram. 

On mobile in particular, the video functions in an instinctive way inspired by social platforms and quick for users to understand. 

There’s several nifty little easter eggs too, including an animated Galaxy watch that tells the real time, and some low-key interactive content to show off Samsung’s products.

This project was in many ways challenging and required quite some creative flexibility. Seeing the successful result online kind of made me feel like Marcel Hirscher.

Matthias Mentasti emoji Matthias Mentasti Managing Partner & Head of People & Culture

What do Marcel Hirscher and Samsung even have in common? It’s the uncompromising precision, state-of-the-art technology and the constant pursuit of excellence. Make the impossible possible - this is what also summarizes this whole project best.  

Design Leads
Matthias Mentasti , Thomas Lichtblau
Tech Leads
Moriz Büsing , Thomas Ragger
Project Managment
Suzana Orsolic
Tobias Sutterlüty
Stefan Kernjak
Sound Design
Video Production