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Transforming a Newspaper Website to a Dynamic Digital Platform

Creative Direction , Design , Development , User Research , UX / UI Design , UX Strategy , Visual Design

Cowboy State Daily is an all-digital news organization in Wyoming that needed a full refresh to increase its audience and begin competing on a national level.

We conducted extensive research to identify trends, preferences, and gaps within the digital news media landscape. Our in-depth analysis of competitors allowed us to pinpoint opportunities for differentiation and innovation. This research formed the foundation for the overall UX and eventual design.

Provided only with a logo and color mood boards. We developed a user-friendly interface inspired by Wyoming's heritage to reach a nationwide audience, crafting a distinctive visual identity that combined modern aesthetics with regional content. Managing the extensive content posed challenges, so we established a straightforward design system focused on color and guidelines for consistent content presentation. Given the site's emphasis on reading, we meticulously considered fonts, spacing, galleries, newsletters, and the balance between visual and written content.

We tailored a CMS to Cowboy State Daily's author requirements and content needs, providing a user-friendly interface for their non-tech-savvy team to manage their digital presence effectively. Additionally, we migrated and adapted over 12,000 articles to the new system, using AI to streamline the process and ensure uniform formatting.

To enhance the reader's experience, we implemented an algorithm for detecting trending articles and delivering personalized recommendations. Furthermore, we integrated Algolia, a customizable search engine, to provide quick and intuitive search results, meeting users' expectations for immediate access to relevant topics within the platform's historical content.

UX Lead
Susanna Lederhaas
UX Designer
Sebastian Wieser
Creative Lead
Matthias Mentasti
Monde Marafane
Technology Lead
Oskar Wild
Claudio Mindouro , Tom Schönmann
Producer Lead
Amanda Schultz
Project Manager
Larisa Sterling
Quality Assurance
Foxhole QA