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Senior Project Manager

We are on the lookout for a full-time Senior Digital Project Manager who is ready to take on the dynamic role of working directly on-site with our clients in Vienna and globally. This role demands a blend of strong management skills and hands-on involvement in E-Commerce D2C sites, AI/LLM R&D projects, digital platform builds and microsites.

What we need

You are an ideal candidate if you meet some of the following requirements:

  • You're based in Vienna!

  • Digital Strategy and Tech Enthusiast: You have a passion for digital strategy, design, and technology. Your interest goes beyond superficial trends – you are deeply engaged with the latest developments in GenAI / LLM, E-Commerce and interactive storytelling and how they can be leveraged in digital projects.

  • Client Interaction: You excel in working with international clients, adept at fostering strong relationships and understanding their unique business needs. Your presence and expertise are crucial in leading large-scale, interdisciplinary collaborations.

  • Proactive Client Management: With previous experience in a digital agency setting, you are proactive in managing client relationships. You understand their perspective and can independently pitch innovative solutions to their challenges.

  • Effective Communication and Team Shielding: Your communication skills make you an effective bridge between clients and the team. You manage client expectations, prevent scope creep, and protect the team, ensuring productive and open lines of communication.

  • Design and Technology Insight: You have a keen eye for what makes a digital product succeed, be it in terms of SEO, CMS, user experience, or aesthetics. Your willingness to delve deeper into these areas is a key strength.

  • Project Management: Your skills in managing tasks, overseeing budgets, adhering to timelines, and juggling multiple projects are exemplary. You are familiar with project management tools and methodologies like Scrum and can adapt these to suit project needs.

  • Business Development Involvement: You play a role in business development, identifying new opportunities, and contributing to the growth of our digital services. Your strong management skills are complemented by an entrepreneurial spirit.

We call them benefits

Education Budget

We love experiments and learning new stuff. You'll have a yearly budget to buy books, check out online courses or attend conferences.

Full Fridays

Every week half of the team gets the Friday day off. So every other week you either work or train the new skateboard trick.


Yes, we still have an office in Vienna and there is free beer, a foosball table, and a dog to pet. As part of Residence you also have the option to work from other offices like New York, LA or Sydney.

Profit Share

That's right, everyone who has been with us at least a year gets to share in our success!

Relocation Support

Besides all of this remote stuff, Vienna is still the most liveable city in the world. So if you fell in love with Vienna and our space (who wouldn't) we'll help you with a flight, accommodation for the first week of your arrival, help with the Visa and find you some new best friends.

Remote Workplace

We are a Virtual First company, so you choose where you work from. To support your adventures in Paraguay, Italy or Fiji or just your wifi costs at home, you’ll receive a remote work bonus.

Team Events

Annual retreats (like this), monthly activities, cake wednesdays, and who know what else.

The Team

You'll work with an extremely talented team like  Edo or Simone

More things we need

  • Independence is your strength. You don't wait for tasks to come to you; you create opportunities, pitch ideas, and proactively present innovations to clients based on your in-depth understanding of their operations.

  • With multiple projects and tight deadlines, you know how to prioritize, stay focused, and, most importantly, stay joyful.

  • You have at least 3 years of experience in a digital agency setting.

Still interested?

Still on board? Share your story and past experiences with us. We can't wait to get to know you better!