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Ujet – Positioning A Modern Scooter Brand

Concept , Creative Direction , Design , Technical Strategy , Development

Renovating An Online Presence

Ujet is a revolutionary new breed of electric scooter with a progressive, customizable and future-facing design.

They came to us to reinvigorate their online presence, looking for an inspiring and responsive user-centric experience. We decided to build a new content strategy from scratch, using original photography to create new key visuals to communicate Ujet’s identity in the blink of an eye.

We built a content strategy juxtaposing urban personalities and architecture with the scooter’s futuristic aesthetics. The strategy emphasises its lifestyle and emotional benefits too – rather than the standard practical advantages of a scooter.

We handpicked the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències building in Valencia as the location for a photoshoot, blending the scooter with the eye-popping location. We cast models who could embody a radical new urban generation, including a variety of closeups to link the scooter with modern human body shapes.

The objective was to break away from the industry standards and showcase the Ujet electric scooter in the most stylish, high-tech and futuristic way. wild understood our brief and came up with the creative concept that was as striking as a design of the scooter itself.

Igor Sinicins Digital Project Manager Ujet

We packaged all of this visual content inside spacious minimal layouts, all woven together with smooth animated page transitions. The scrolling experience highlights the Ujet’s various unique attributes, culminating with a ‘Design Your Ujet’ customizer tool, enabling users to pick color, design style, seat height and more to build their personal dream scooter.

Design Leads
Matthias Mentasti , Thomas Lichtblau
Tech Leads
Thomas Ragger , Moriz Büsing
Project Managment
Suzana Orsolic
Manuel Haring
Francis De Clercq , Arnost Neurad , Marton Langa
Amos Fricke, Tobias Lundkvist