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CCA Awards 2019

We love the CCA award show. We get to eat Käsekrainers, drink beer and meet our favourite creative people in Vienna. This year’s show was particularly special though, as our team entered the stage a couple of times to receive the precious CCA Venus award.

Ever wondered what the plural form of Venus is? It’s Venuses - and this year we got a total of 9 Venuses. Pretty nice and an honor that makes us, obviously, extremely proud. We’re lucky and grateful to work with partners and clients who put a lot of trust in our team and made all of the winning projects possible.

Feinkoch, who made our foodie (and recipe search) dreams come true; the Seeker project that allowed us to explore a whole new level of vacation planning; the immersive interactive film we created together with Samsung and Marcel Hirscher; or the animal welfare organization Four Paws that we supported with a very special online shopping experience. Not to forget the history and art lessons we got to learn, explore, and transform into amazing digital experiences for the anniversary of Erste Bank and the Bruegel exhibition at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. And even our fun side-project, Which one am I now, which was nothing less than a discourse on mankind’s greatest gift – the ability to create – was awarded one of the CCA Venuses.

Thank you for the love - here’s to another year of exploring, creating and transforming!